Psalm 127:3-5

Behold children are a gift of the LORD,
The fruit of the womb is a reward.
Like arrows in the hand of a mighty warrior, so are the children of one's youth.
How blessed are those whose quiver is full of them

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow day for the record books... literally

What a day this has been. By the time the snow stops falling it looks like we will have around 10 - 12 inches. This is literally a record for the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Since I didn't grow up with much snow I marvel at it every time I see it. I even braved a drive to take my little man to the chiropractor today for an yucky ear infection that has been bothering him (all better now thanks to a little ear popping adjustment). Anyway, I was kind of glad to have an excuse to get out because usually when things are covered in white here it is a ugly thing called ice. You don't want to have any part of driving in that. While snow on the other hand seems to be much easier to drive in provided you don't stop short and go slow on the turns! So I fully enjoyed my drive to Colleyville and then back home to Keller. It was simply breathtaking seeing piles of white fluff covering every inch of everything.

I started my day by pulling back the big curtains in my room and raising the blind so the girls could look out and watch the snow. It's a huge window that is very wide and almost floor to ceiling so we all felt like we were right out in it... except warm of course! So then little brother decides he wants a better view too and crawls to the window and pulls himself right up to stand at the window seal. WOW! I had seen him try to stand several times but he never could quite get there but I guess today he really wanted that close up view of the snow and he got it. What a fun day for a exciting first for our little man of the house.

After our trip to the chiropractor (which by the way it took me 8 tries to get the car up the driveway and in the garage) we had lunch and then while Ben napped and the girls played dress-up and dolls I straightened up the house excited that I was just getting it clean to have it clean and not for a potential showing... after-all, who would be looking at houses on a day like this? Well I can tell you who, people from Wisconsin, that's who! =) At 3:10 I get a call saying that an agent would like to show our home at 3:30. This means I have to leave the house. I promptly let them know that they were welcome to come BUT, I would not be leaving. I am not dragging a ear infected baby out of his bed to go drive around in 7 inches of snow.. no thank you! I did my driving that morning and got my fill. So, strangely and oddly enough the agent did show our house while the girls and Ben and I sat quietly in the playroom reading a hidden picture book. It felt awkward from my point of view and I think it felt awkward for them too but come on people... looking for houses today of all days. I mean really. BTW, are they gonna clean up the slushy muddy footprints they left on my tile floors? Again just a bad idea in general... well of course unless they buy our house and they track all the prints in you want to... they are yours to clean up now! =)

Ok, so I am digressing a little. While the couple was here to see the house Jimmy got home a hour or so earlier than normal and he and the girls quickly headed outside for some snow fun. Ben and I stood at the back door and watched. Ben was giddy just watching and was "screaming" with laughter and excitement over the whole scene. I only hope it will snow this time next year so he can get out and about in it... while I watch from the door with a new Zimmerman!!! Many snowballs, a snowman and 6 frozen hands later they finally decided it was time to come in. I suggested we make snow ice cream and so Jimmy gathered a giant bowl full of snow I added cream, milk, sugar and vanilla and voila.... super yummy ice cream. Who knew? I have only heard of this stuff but it was so fun to actually eat some. I never thought I would see the day that enough snow would fall in Fort Worth, Texas to make snow ice cream.

So of course like all good parents after snow ice cream we had dinner! Jimmy and Anna went back out into the snow for a while this evening while I got the little ones PJ's on. Then finally the day came to an end... all the people 5 and under are asleep (ok well at this point so is Jimmy) but as I laid down in bed I couldn't help but think about what a special day this was. More snow than we have ever seen here and lots of fun memories to go with it. It's days like these I hope I NEVER forget. I hope the memory of this day will live strong in the minds and hearts of my sweet children for many many years to come. I am so richly blessed!

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