Psalm 127:3-5

Behold children are a gift of the LORD,
The fruit of the womb is a reward.
Like arrows in the hand of a mighty warrior, so are the children of one's youth.
How blessed are those whose quiver is full of them

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I need a Babymoon!

This term traditionally means a time for up to 6 weeks after birth when mommy and baby along with daddy and siblings bond with baby. Staying home, relaxing, helping the baby learn to nurse, letting the mommy recover from the emotional and physical strain of pregnancy and birth. A time to let the baby become accustom to life outside the womb and easily and peacefully adjust to their new environment. Although this is very traditional in most every other culture in the entire world, our modern American culture encourages moms to get back at it as quickly as possible and resume life as normal. Mom never really gets the time her body needs to recover. Honestly, these days the quicker you are to get back "on your game" the more everyone "rewards" you with comments about how brave you are and how great you are doing.

This is such a reflection of the busy, overloaded culture we live in. When did it become such a good thing for a mom to rush back to life as normal and not just let nature take it's course in purging the body and resting the soul during those first few weeks.

I was helping in the church nursery last week and a mom brought her FOUR week old baby to the nursery. Not just to church but to the nursery for someone else to care for and for all those lovely nursery germs to get to baby. To my dismay the other nursery workers were congratulating her for being there and telling her how great she was doing to be out and about so soon.... WHAT? Are you kidding me? So I guess those of us who choose to be home and resting are just plain lazy.

Well label me lazy, I don't really care.... I believe in the need for a Babymoon and I plan to have as much of one as I can get.

Of course Jimmy and I and the children have to be on a plane to Orlando THREE weeks after Ben is born so my Babymoon is cut in half. No, were not going to Disney, its for my brothers wedding. Believe me, other than the wedding of my only sibling NOTHING could get me on a plane or any other trip just THREE weeks after the birth of a baby. I'm picturing a germ infested plane and a brand new 3 week old immune system.... YIKES! Oh and no, driving was never an alternative... 24 hours in a car with 3 children and a baby who needs to nurse every 2 hours... HA!!! That would be a 30 hour trip before you know it.... Think again!

Anyway, all this to say... I can't wait for my "lazy" Babymoon!.... as short lived as it will be. =(

Ecclesiastes 3:1
"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven"


Jennifer said...

Way to tell it girl:) I am probably one of those who try to do too much too soon because I get ansy and feel too cooped up, although I don't do the nursery quite so soon. It was like 4 or 5 months before we even tried with Libby and she wouldn't even stay until she was 11 months so we didn't have to worry too much about the germ thing. I know my body needs the rest so I need to rest more and not try to do too much too quick. Thanks for the reminder to chill out and settle down. Days to go...can't wait to hear

O Fam said...

Where I live, there is a 30 day period where the new mom and baby can't cross the threshold outside of the house. The women have to eat a whole chicken every meal and are also not allowed to shower or wash their hair becasue of the weakened state of their bodies. Very interesting if you ask me....I like what you said about not taking enough time to bond as a family. I remember those sweet times with my babies right after birth where there was nothing on the agenda but hold them and get to know them. Can't wait to see pictures and hear the Great Announcement!!!