Psalm 127:3-5

Behold children are a gift of the LORD,
The fruit of the womb is a reward.
Like arrows in the hand of a mighty warrior, so are the children of one's youth.
How blessed are those whose quiver is full of them

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Birthing class

Jimmy and I just got finished last night with our 6 week birthing class. It was in the home of our midwife every Tuesday night. I can't even begin to tell what an amazing class this was for us. This is not your typical sterile hospital class that wastes 6 hours of your life on a Saturday showing you old fashioned models of how the baby comes down the birth canal. This is a class based on the book Birthing From Within that focuses so much on being mentally and emotionally prepared to give birth. Not just the labor and delivery process but the feelings and emotions that come with giving of yourself to bring another life into the world and seeing birth as the truly profound wonder that it is.

We actually looked forward to these classes every week and bonded with the other 4 couples in the class. We knew every week that we were going to hear things that reached our hearts and encouraged us about the truly beautiful process that pregnancy and birth is. Of course we talked about the scientific basics of labor and delivery but what we left there with each week was a sense of empowerment that of course labor is not going to be easy (just as parenting and most any other challenge in life is) BUT, God has equipped my body as a woman to deliver this baby and has given me the most amazing supportive person to love me and be beside me every step of the way to get this baby here and in our arms!

Last night at our last class we had a special pot luck dinner. Then the midwife asked all the ladies to stay in the living room while the dads prepared something special for us. Then one by one each husband came to get his wife and led her to a private spot in the house. Jimmy came to get me and led me to a room where there was a footbath for me. He washed and massaged my feet in a bath of essential oils. He gave me a card with the most beautiful letter he had written to me. Jimmy has written me many letters in our 4 years together but this was the most beautiful yet. I will cherish that letter FOREVER and read it often!

These last few weeks have not only been great in helping us prepare for the birth of Serene but have brought us even closer together as a couple and reminded us of how AMAZING the bond we have really is. As we sat together last night with him massaging my feet we talked FOREVER about how crazy it is that two people could love each other this much and how much fun our lives are getting to spend every single day with your best friend. We laugh often about how even though we could spend more time apart doing "girls nights" or "guys nights" we just hardly ever do that stuff cause when it comes right down to it we just want to be together. That's why if you do get us out on a guy night or girl night we text message each other the whole time telling the other one how much we miss them and can't wait to get home and see them... OK, sounds super cheesy BUT that is just us. We can't get enough of each other! Oh and throw in a football game to watch while we're together and you pretty much have our own personal paradise!! =)

Here is a pic of everyone in our birthing class. They were all wonderful people and I know we learned not only from the midwives but from the them as well.


Teresa said...

Jimmy and THZ, could you send a box of virtual Kleenex the next time you write such a beautiful blog entry???
LOVE YOU!!! Nana Mom

Jessie Sue said...

I loved my birthing classes too. We did the Bradley Method classes for 12 weeks with Jackson and even though I had a c-section I went 12 hours with no meds. The classes totally helped me learn to relax during labor and do things that work with my body instead of against it. Your classes sound so great! That girl on the end has a huge belly poking out there! Are you having her at home? I can't wait to see her!

THZ said...

We were supposed to have her in our midwife's birthing center in Denton but because of complications with my first CS scar we have just been transferred to our midwife's overseeing physician and we will deliver in the hospital. He is still going to let us try for a VBAC but we may be pushing in the operating room just for safety reasons. If we can get through one successful VBAC then we should be able to try for baby no. 3 back at the birth center. Sorry for the long update! Did you use a doula for your labor with Jackson?

Jessie Sue said...

No just my mom and Brad. Brad was my coach and mom was his assistant. My chances as delivering VBAC with Noah was less than 12% so after many talks and prayers we decided not to try. After he was born 10 days early weighing almost 10 pounds my doctor said there is no way he would of fit. We made a good decision! So I tried but God's hand was in it all. I pray you are able to do it! I will be praying the next few weeks. I pray for peace and health on you all however she gets here!

Nikki said...

Hey! Have you asked Jean or Lynne if either of them would be willing to come to the hospital with you? They said that in the event that I ever had to be transferred for whatever reason that they would stay with me the entire time. It may be different since you are not technically being "transferred" in the throws of labor but they may still be willing to come and "doula" if they know you want one of them there. If you haven't already asked I would! I love them to pieces!!! Lynne may even be willing just to come and coach if Jean can't. I did feel so great fory ou though when the AR mom referred a great doula in Denton. That's soooo encouragaing and is so evident that the Lord has you right where He wants you and you are still completely in His care in every way.

And.......on a way different note. I've now tagged you. So go to my blog, read and then copy and paste to your's. It's a ton of fun...makes you think though!