Psalm 127:3-5

Behold children are a gift of the LORD,
The fruit of the womb is a reward.
Like arrows in the hand of a mighty warrior, so are the children of one's youth.
How blessed are those whose quiver is full of them

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The turtle earns his shell..

Yesterday as I am in the kitchen making cupcakes for Serenes birthday I hear a very bad scream come through the screen door to the backyard, I grab a towel to clean off my hands that I just cracked and egg with and turn around to see Anna carrying a screaming Rivers with blood pouring down his face. As I quickly get an explanation I learn that he was hit in the head by his brother with a golf club... I think at that point I kind of panicked. All I can see is this massive knot and blood pouring out if it... There was so much blood that I can't even see his eyes to see if they are dilating ok and whatever else I am supposed to look for in the event of a concussion just isn't registering in my brain right then. I finally got some composure and started calling all the necessary people. My mom happened to already be on her way to bring a birthday lunch to Serene so I knew as soon as she got there I would head to the ER. As I was waiting for her I look down at myself to realize I am covered in blood... So I race to the back change my clothes and was headed to the ER just minutes later after mom got there.

All the way to the ER I am talking to Rivers and trying to keep him awake. Finally after literally hitting every red light I arrived only to realize the only spot left was at in the absolute last row of parking spots (the hospital is under major construction and there is very little parking). Ugh!

Once we did get in there the process went super fast and everyone was so kind and helpful. We have had to use this ER a few other times for babies with super high fevers and every time they have given fabulous ansd efficient care.

While I was waiting in the room for the doctor Jimmy arrived and I could tell he was shocked by the bloody faced little boy who greeted him at the door. I assured him that they had already looked for signs of head injury/trauma and that all checked out so other than the cut he seemed to be fine. Once Jimmy knew he was ok he started telling Rivs what a big boy he was and what a cool scar he was gonna have. Then he took a picture of his bloody face a sent it proudly to every guy he knows. :)

Finally the doctor came in and told us that they were gonna have to stitch him up and explained the process. Initially they just put some numbing meds on his cut for 30 minutes. When it came time for the stitches they swaddled him up in a blanket with his arms at his side... Think straight jacket... Ugh! Anyway, at the point of getting swaddled his little lip started quivering and tears started falling. I almost lost it but I actually held it together and Jimmy and I just comforted him. The nurse held his head still, and I held his body still while the doctor stitched. She was amazing... She had him totally sewn up and back in my arms in about 3-4 minutes. He screamed like I have newer heard him scream BUT, the second he was back in my arms he stopped and was his perfectly calm self again! He got a yummy Popsicle and sat quietly eating it... What a brave little trooper.
So ever since Rivs was born Jimmy has always called him a little turtle with no shell. :) He has always had this big head and skinny little neck... Kind of like a bobble head. Jimmy has always told him that he would earn his shell when he turned two... An official grown up size turtle he tells him. Rivs always laughs and giggles when Jimmy tells him all this as if he somehow understands the sweet natured joking. So as we are getting ready to leave the ER, Jimmy looks over at Rivs and says, "it's official, you earned your shell" (said in Jimmy's best baby talk voice of course). Rivs got a huge smile and laughed a sweet little chuckle.... I kinda think he knew! :)

What a day!
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MontyG3..4! said...

I'm so sorry you had to go through that!! So glad he's ok!!!