Psalm 127:3-5

Behold children are a gift of the LORD,
The fruit of the womb is a reward.
Like arrows in the hand of a mighty warrior, so are the children of one's youth.
How blessed are those whose quiver is full of them

Thursday, June 3, 2010

So what are you going to do for Anna's socialization??

This is the question Jimmy got from our VERY sweet neighbor tonight when he told her we would be homeschooling Anna this fall. She was actually positive about the general idea of homeschooling but was concerned for Anna's social future.

Honestly, this is the most common question we get, which I find interesting for several reasons. Mostly, I wonder why it is everyone's first thought. I mean seriously, why is their first concern not the level of education she will receive or whether or not she will learn to read and write properly. They just have the need to know if she will be properly socialized with that one single age group of children.... hmmm...

Here is a good excerpt from a blog I was reading tonight. This comes from

"To those who ask, "But what about socialization?" I can only weep. Socialization has always been a double-edged sword; it cuts both ways. "He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm" (Prov. 13:20, NASB). What my wife and I are doing in our home school is positive, biblical socialization that makes our children become wise. My children walk with me, and though I definitely have a long way yet to go, I try to be an acceptable companion to my children.

Most of our modem school-based socialization is of the foolish, harmful sort. Pooled ignorance leads to poor taste in clothing, music, films, and TV - the kind of people who read the grocery store tabloids and believe them. But the harm is far more than cultural. Disinterest in school, disrespect for teachers, rapacious dating, promiscuity, substance abuse, and gang violence also come in waves-- pounding waves of youth culture that erode moral standards. Even a small population of these poor creatures requires that high schools be run like youth prisons.

Good socialization is primarily age-integrated. It occurs when the young are included in the lives of older and wiser people, especially parents and other family members at home and the spiritual family of one's local church. Walking with the wise is a lifestyle, not a program. It is a club of fellow enthusiasts, not a class of uninterested age-mates. It includes working together, eating together, playing together, worshiping together, and studying together, This is where God placed the responsibility for child training and education, and it works very well in aiming children at God's highest and best targets in every area of life."

Good stuff!


Anonymous said...

I definitely see both sides of the homeschool/public school debate and I respect any parent's decision to do so. However, I have to say that this post is a little condescending to those that choose to put their children in public school, like any child that is in public school is going to end up in a gang and possibly in prison someday. The ability to make the right choices should start in the home and at a young age.

I have no doubt that you are going to provide a wonderful education to your children and provide many opportunities for them. But I also have no doubt that mine are going to receive the same in their public school. I really hope that you are seeing both sides of the coin here too.

THZ said...

I have no doubt that you too will provide a good education for your child in public school... all I was simply stating is our "defense" to those who are in our business about our the socialization of our children.

You will find that you will not have to defend yourself for public schooling your children to most anyone you meet. I however, because I choose an alternative method, will have to defend my choices... simply because they are different.

The excerpt I posted, I don't think, intends to be biased to homeschooling. It is merely challenging the notion that public schooling is the "right" method. Most people assume that a publicly schooled child is the most socially and emotionally healthy child and those who choose homeschooling are some how trying to keep up with that benchmark.

No one who homeschools thinks every child should be homeschooled. Each parent has to make the best decision for their children. It might appear that I am attacking public school however, that is not my intention. If you were constantly questioned, as all homeschool parents are, about a decision you made for your child you would feel a need to state your case as well. Just as you immediately felt it necessary to defend your position you reacted the same way I did, you just have never been questioned about your decision for public school. The minute you felt questioned you defended yourself.

Imagine your reaction when you read my blog and then apply that to every conversation you have with everyone you tell about your schooling choice. You would probably post a blog explaining yourself too.

I applaud your choice to voice your opinion however, I do find it curious that you were not willing to leave your name.

BTW, there was no suggestion your child would possibly end up in prison... it was speaking of how public schools are often run. I apologize if it was misread. All of us who attended public school, if we are being honest with ourselves know that is exactly how it is.

Anonymous said...

If I am being 100% honest there were definitely parts of school that were terrible and I would never want to re-live. But, there were also parts that were wonderful memories like pep-rallies and Friday night football games, senior proms and drill team, and the many life long friends I made that are still part of my life. I know your kids can still experience some of these memories and some they can live without and be totally fine, they are not essential to having a fulfilled life at all. I just think that is the point that people are trying to make when they bring the social aspect. Most people in the suburbs of Colleyville or Keller or Southlake had a pretty decent time in highschool. They probably didn't experience a lot of gang violence in their schools, at least I know I didn't. Substance abuse, that's another story, we know that is everywhere.

I completely understand your point about having to always defend your choice to homeschool. I never looked at it that way and can't imagine how you feel always having to defend that choice. People just don't know enough about the topic and for so long it has just been something "weird" (for lack of a better term) so they attack it. It seems like homeschooling is becoming a little more mainstream as more family's are choosing this options for their children. Correct me if I am wrong.

Like I said before, I have no doubt in my mind that you are going to provide a wonderful education for your kids and give them so many opportunities to learn. Oh, and I remained anonymous to protect the innocent. You don't know me, I am a friend of a friend that just stumbled upon your blog surfing the web :)