Psalm 127:3-5

Behold children are a gift of the LORD,
The fruit of the womb is a reward.
Like arrows in the hand of a mighty warrior, so are the children of one's youth.
How blessed are those whose quiver is full of them

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I thought since mentioning my neighbor who was concerned for Anna's socialization, this might be a good chance to write about all our wonderful neighbors on this quaint little court.

There is the super sweet couple across the street (the aforementioned "socially concerned" neighbor). He is a Methodist preacher in Grapevine and the home they live in is actually the church parsonage. They are both two of kindest people you could ever meet. Since our first days of owning the house they have welcomed warmly. She has been so kind to bring me information about the local library, given the children coloring books, brought us muffins our first week in the house, brought the children bubbles and some extra pool floaties she found when cleaning out her garage. Lots of small kind gestures such as those and always stopping to talk and chat when we are out in the yard with the children in the evenings are some of the reasons we are totally going to miss them when they move in just ten short days.

Being that he is a Methodist preacher they are being moved to a new congregation and a new preacher and his wife will soon be moving in. We will greatly miss Randy and Naomi and Nathan and feel sorta slighted that we only got them for neighbors for such a short time.

Next on the street we have Mr. Whitmire. He has lived on this street for 45 years... amazing. He moved in when he was in his late thirties and is now in his eighties. Kind of where we are now... Jimmy and I are both 33 and I can't imagine being here for 45 years and the memories we will have of the changes life has brought over that amount of time. He is our local historian of the street. If there is anything you want to know about anything that ever went on over the last 45 years on this street he knows it. He can tell you how many snakes sightings there have been, who had marriage problems, who had financial problems, what year the pecan trees had a good harvest, how many fish have been caught in our pond, about each preacher that has lived in the parsonage, etc. etc... you get my point... the many KNOWS this street! We really like him and Jimmy enjoys "chewin the fat" with him out in the yard in the evening!

Now we come to the front half of the street.... A sweet young family with three kiddos and one on the way (sounds like us). They have two of the sweetest little girls you would ever want to meet who have been super friendly to Anna since we were first just coming over here to work on the house. They love to ride bikes and often ask Anna to ride with them and this just makes her day! They have a little brother who rides his bike up and down the street about as fast as lightening.... he would make any daddy proud!!! He is all boy and hopefully can show our boys a thing or two when they get bigger. I regret that we haven't reached out to this family a little more to get to know them better for ourselves. My dad knows him really well and we know they are a great family we just need to get them over to our house for a cookout or something.

Next door to that young couple are her grandparents and parents. They are super friendly and have made the transition to a new neighborhood much easier.

All in all we have been so blessed to discover this little street with lots of friendly people and beautiful surroundings. Can't wait to see if we will be the old couple in our 80's telling the new young folk about how this street looked WAY back in 2010!! =)

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