Psalm 127:3-5

Behold children are a gift of the LORD,
The fruit of the womb is a reward.
Like arrows in the hand of a mighty warrior, so are the children of one's youth.
How blessed are those whose quiver is full of them

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Saying good-bye to 12556

After three and half years at 12556 we are saying good-bye. I knew this day would come and have looked forward to it but we will leave behind so many memories of some of the best times in our life yet. This was our first house. We moved in Sept 20, 2006 with more excitement than I ever thought three people could have. We quickly made this our home. I had every picture on the wall and everything in it's place within 10 days of moving in. I didn't want to waste time doing all that I wanted to do it and then start living our lives and enjoying our new home together as a family.

Here are my fondest memories of this home... in no particular order:

Our first day here, we were still essentially newlyweds and our hearts were high on love for each other and excitement for another phase of life to start...

Seeing Anna go from a baby to a big girl

Bringing home our 2nd and incredible daughter Serene

Bringing home our first little boy Ben

Jimmy bowling our frozen Thanksgiving turkey down our long tile foyer

Those days when it was just Anna and I spending the day playing in the playroom and napping on the couch

Sitting on the porch waiting for Daddy to come home

Having lots of dinner parties with friends and family

Long nights up with new babies nursing, rocking, singing and sometimes crying =)

Each and every dinner spent around our island talking and laughing as a family

Our special valentines dinner tradition started in this house with the very first one staring with Anna getting the chicken pox... discovered literally in the middle of dinner and my brother making a surprise visit from FL. =)

Long afternoons spent in the garage with Anna in the sandbox playing and me holding baby Serene

Discovering God's plan for our life concerning children... when we moved into this house we wanted only one child... we move out with 3 and another one coming in July.. oh the joy we would have missed had we stuck to our silly plan =)

Ok, enough memories for now! It is a bittersweet good-bye to this house. We aren't going far and we are gaining so many wonderful things in our new house but for now I am going to sit and ponder and cherish what we leave behind at 12556.


Jennifer said...

I have been wondering about your house selling. Wow, can't believe you're moving...where to? Can't wait to see pictures and know more details. Enjoy your sweet home a little bit longer.

A Bragg said...

we too? we have really good moving boxes if you would like them....

THZ said...

We're moving to Colleyvile. We close on the new house on Feb 24. The new house has 2 acres so we are thrilled to have some wide open spaces for these little ones to run and play on. I'll post some new pics of the house and write a little about it one of these days soon.

Christie, yes we could use the boxes... later next month! Thanks sooo much for the offer

Debi said...

What a sweet post. Your family is precious and it was so good to see you the other night.
I've found that when we 'move' it changes me ... and starts a new chapter in my walk as a daughter of the Lord, wife and mother. Our heart is in our home and it effects us deeply.
Bless you - sweet lady.