Psalm 127:3-5

Behold children are a gift of the LORD,
The fruit of the womb is a reward.
Like arrows in the hand of a mighty warrior, so are the children of one's youth.
How blessed are those whose quiver is full of them

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Waking up a little hung over

Daddy and "Reenie"

Tiny hospital gown

Hating the tiny blood pressure cuff on her leg.. she did not like when it got tight

Yesterday morning we took Serene to Children's Medical Center in downtown for her MRI. We were nervous but everything went perfectly. They were so kind and really took great care of all of us. The only hitch was that we had to end up waiting about an hour and a half which was hard on Serene because she had not eaten since the night before and was getting really hungry asking for "bite bites"... but she finally got tired enough of waiting that she fell asleep in my arms on the hospital bed waiting to be taken back. The Anesthesiologist thought it was funny that when he came to get her to sleep she was already knocked completely out.

Once they brought her back it took a while to get her awake because this girl can sleep. They told us that babies usually wake up from the anesthetic before they even get them rolled back to the room but Serene took about 30 minutes to even move a muscle. They had to take all the warm covers off her and put cold hands on her face to finally shake her out of it. She is like her daddy... she loves to sleep! =)

We also expected to wait for at least a week or so to hear results but were shocked to get a call from our doctor... the amazing Dr. Laura Klesse within only about an hour of getting home. She told us the incredible news that Serene's brain and optic nerves are PERFECT! That is the absolute best news we could have EVER gotten! I started crying like a baby when I got off the phone to tell Jimmy what the doctor had said. I just buried my face in his chest and cried... it was just such relief. We have been waiting since around October when we got the diagnosis to find out if her brain was ok. Peace and relief swept over me when I heard the news... overwhelming thanks to our God! We are sooo grateful to the Lord that she is so perfectly healthy even with the NF diagnosis! Thank you Lord!!

We will go back this November for another check-up and possibly another MRI. Then in the years to follow she will most likely only need vision screenings with occasional MRI's to watch out for any sign of tumor growth.

We are sooo grateful for Dr. Klesse and how kind and quick she is to help. She is very informative and has been so encouraging to us about the NF diagnosis! She is the doctor we prayed for!

We are also incredibly grateful to the many many people who have prayed us through this tough time. People we never even met before have been praying for our sweet little girl and for us. Thank you to each person who took time to lift us to the Father... we are forever grateful!

Here are a few pics of our sweetie at the hospital.

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O Fam said...

Praise the Lord!! What an answer to prayer. I am so happy for you and Jimmy and Serene. Glad to hear this news.

Also excited to hear "Baby John" is getting married!!